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A Charcuterie Board for Every Season!


A Charcuterie Board for Every Season!

People have been going crazy over charcuterie boards lately… and honestly, I can’t blame them! It’s the perfect way to put together a bunch of tasty snacks while looking aesthetically pleasing and trendy. Whether you are planning an end-of-summer pool party, or already thinking about the upcoming holiday season, there is a charcuterie board for it!


With Summer coming to an end, get ready for your final cookout of the season. Making your board ahead of time and keeping it in the fridge is a great way to prevent the cheeses and other items from melting in the hot sun. Summertime is always the perfect time to get fresh fruit, and really incorporate some color into your board! What better way to top off a fun, colorful spread than with the lively Denim Rectangle Mod Charcuterie Board.


As the weather starts to cool off, and the leaves change from green to burnt oranges and reds, the fall palette starts to take the stage. Pumpkin and apple flavorings start to take over! This is personally my absolute favorite season; I love how cozy and warm everything feels! Whether you want a more natural look to go with the colors of the leaves, or a darker vibe to fit Halloween the options are endless for charcuterie boards! Pictured below is the Natural Rectangle Mod Charcuterie Board for the warm, natural fall vibe. To the right is the Black Round Mod Charcuterie Board, which would be so fun to use for a Halloween-themed board!


With winter comes the chilly evenings, so you tend to want a warmer board… literally. Winter is a great time to experiment with fondue… who doesn’t love an excuse to eat chocolate! This is a great time to play around with balancing salty and sweet. Impress your guests with these perfect boards to fit the season! Below is the White Mod Tree Charcuterie Board on the left, and the White Mod Ornament Charcuterie Board on the right.


Spring is the perfect time to bring pops of color back into our lives after winter! You should do the same with your charcuterie boards; use pigmented foods such as oranges or sharp cheddar cheese to bring some bright pops of color to your board. I always think of spring as a time for regrowth, so I chose a stunning green board, perfect for spring! Below is the Sage Rectangle Mod Charcuterie Board.

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  • Greg Gorup