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Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery is a family-owned business that places an unwavering focus on each and every customer and his or her needs. What sets them apart from every other firm is not just the skill but the passion Yanni and his family bring to every aspect of their work.

Yanni’s journey began in beautiful Kalymnos, a small island in the Mediterranean. At age 4 in his uncle’s body shop, he was already sanding the cars they worked on and eventually learning to sew. It was then that created his first design…the seat cover of scooter made of leather.

Being miles from the mainland and near the sea, Yanni became a creative entrepreneur, self-taught in his own design, working with his hands out of passion with limited resources. From there he saw no limitations in what could be created from natural fibers, textiles and vision.

Years later, his brothers-in-law Manuel and Nick encouraged Yanni’s talents and passion for his work. Thanks to family and natural artistic abilities, they began Yanni Custom Furniture & Upholstery, where there is a blend of inspiration and European feel creating one-of-a-kind pieces for your home, and where your dream décor is unlimited.

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